Aletheia International

Aletheia International
Troy, MI

Aletheia International originally came to Mustardseed Media way back in 2006 when the ministry was first beginning.  We built them a basic site for a low budget in order to get their ministry off the ground.  In the intervening years, as they grew, they learned what web functionality would help their ministry to be more effective.

In 2010, Aletheia International came back to Mustardseed, ready to take the next step.  While operating on the same core, we compeltely redesigned the site, upgraded all the software, and added new functionality such as audio, video, ecommerce, and paid event registrations.  This site is a great example of the way a Mustardseed proejct can grow and advance over time, becoming more powerful and more beautiful with each generation.

We're proud to be a company that clients return to year after year, not out of necessity, but because they know we're committed to excellence and being a ministry partner for the long term.