All Saints Episcopal Church

All Saints
Palo Alto, CA

The All Saints site was fairly straight forward but also offered us some great little challenges along the way as well (and we love challenges!).  The site contains many of the standard church site features such as audio, video, and photo galleries...but other features, such as events, went beyond the standard.  We built a custom event system which includes resource booking (which allows rooms to be scheduled for events and checked for scheduling conflicts) and integration with repeating events.  The client also requested much 'manual' control over how items were sorted across the site so we did quite a bit of additional work installing tools that allow the administrator to tweak the content layouts from the front end user interface.

The great thing about working with the All Saints team was their "Phase 1" mentality in the initial site build.  We started with the basics and, once those were solid, moved onto additional phases as time went along (even after site launch).  This mentality means they are always thinking ahead to what we'll add next, making for an exciting and evolving website...just the way it should be.  Mustardseed looks forward to more collaboration with the All Saints team as these new phases develop...