Glenwood Community Church

Glenwood Community Church
Vancouver, WA
Glenwood Community Church

Doing it again in 2015

We love nothing more than when a client comes back, years after we worked together, and says "We loved the last site you built us, can you build another one using all the latest tools available?"  Yes.  Yes we can!  Glenwood did just that.  In 2015 they wanted a brand new design built on the latest technology platforms.  They wanted mobile first responsive design and uber-simplicity in their user experience.  So once again we had the opportunity to deliver.  The resulting site is deceptively simple and a great example of the core of what we do:  build beautiful and powerful sites for churches.

2012 site development

The Glenwood project was one of our top 5 favorite jobs since Mustardseed Media began.  It's an excellent example of the quality, features, and rock-solid development that happens when a church really puts in the time and energy to "cross their t's and dot their i's"!  The features include some cool stuff like Facebook and Twitter logins for site visitors, robust community and ministry online groups, and private content for members only, but the real star of the show (if you ask us) is the attention to detail that was a result of an exciting development relationship between church and web developer.

If you're looking for an example of what can be done with time and attention (and a very reasonable budget) look no further than!