Sojourners Magazine

Washington D.C.

Sojourners Magazine - 2015 Rebuild on Drupal 7

Back in 2012 we launched Sojourners magazine on the Drupal 6 platform and it was a great success.  Times change fast on the web, so by 2014 it was time for a complete overhaul, redesign, and rebuild.  This time around the technology we so much more robust.  We focused on mobile-first and used lots of modern tools such as the Foundation framework, grunt and sass, custom integerations with web services such as Recurly for membership management and Cambey West for magazine subscription management.  It also includes plenty of custom good ness such as a fully custom (but lightweight) paywall, custom sharing system, and much more.  A great project with deceptive power.

2012 Drupal 6 Site Build:

Sojourners Magazine took over a year to plan, build, redesign, and migrate from their previous Coldfusion platform.  Mustardseed redesigned the site architecture and organization, added an endless amount of more advanced functionality, lead a redesign effort, and built the site from scratch over that time, having a blast along the way!  A site with massive traffic, over 50,000 piece of content and 40 years of writings all were tied up into a fresh Drupal platform with a simple and clean design.  Mustardseed is extremely proud to be the developer of this new and dynamic site.  We're also the ongoing development partner with Sojourners, creating, migrating, and developing new technology for the site on a daily basis.