Two Shirts
San Diego, CA is one of those ideas for a Christian web community that was so obvious and so good that it must have many of it's visitors smacking their foreheads thinking "Why didn't I think of this?" It's a concept based on Luke 3:10-11 which says if you have "two shirts, and your brother has none..." you should give him one of yours. Also known as 'freecycling' this site allows users to give away items to those who need them, at no charge.

This site build was exciting, essentially creating an e-commerce store without any money. Instead we used a point system to keep the community accountable, wrote several custom modules, and worked tightly with the site owner to accomplish his vision of an optimized user experience. was an honor to be a part of and Mustardseed is excited to be a part of it as it continues to grow and reach out with Christ's mission.