How We Work

Different web development companies work different ways.  Here's some info about us to help you determine if we're a good fit.

Churches and Non-Profits

We only do work for Christian churches, ministries and non-profit entities.  That's why we exist.  There's lots of Drupal development firms out there, and this target market is what makes Mustardseed unique.  So, unfortunately, unless you fit into this niche, we'll probably pass you along to another developer.

North America

While we'd love to do work for folks all over the world, we specialize in projects here in North America (US/Canada).  We're excited that there are ministries around the world using Drupal, but for now we choose to focus on a market nearby.  


You don't have to know anything about Drupal to work with us.  Just know we only build sites using the Drupal CMS.  No Wordpress.  No Joomla!  We focus on a single development platform.  That's why we know it inside and out and can leverage it's power for your project.


On most projects we work on an hourly rate.  We've found this model gives more flexiblity and a better working relationship between developer and client, resulting in a much higher quality product in the end.  We operate under an initial 10 hour minimum and work our hardest to give you the most bang for your buck.


We still do package-based projects (ie. a fixed cost for a fixed set of functionality) in certian circumstances.  We'll help you decide which pricing model is right for your project!

We love what we do

Bottom line.  We work with Drupal, work with churches, and work hourly because, over the years, we've wanted nothing more than to build high quality, affordable websites for ministries.  Our proceses have been refined.  Our workflow tweaked.  All so we can give you a powerful and beatufiul project.  A powerful tool in sharing the Good News.  We love what we do.  We think you will too.