What We Do

Custom Websites For Churches and Ministries

Mustardseed Media exists for a single purpose: To put powerful and beautiful websites into the hands of small and midsized churches (and other Christian ministries).  It's as simple as that.  We know that your church isn't like any other.  God has made you unique and put you in a particular place and time to fulfill a need and communicate The Message with a specific audience.  That's why cookie cutter template websites don't cut it.

Every site we build is for the individual, unique client we're working with.  Sure, many churches want similar functionality, but that doesn't mean they all fit together in the same way.  We listen to your goals and learn about your ministry, then we guide you through a process of discovering what your unique website looks and feels like. 

We build custom websites, and we build them to spread The Old Story.

We Work Within Church Budgets

Mustardseed is small and that's on purpose.  With big fancy studios, huge staffs, and high overhead, we'd never be able to do work for smaller or medium sized churches at a price they could afford.  So, we keep our costs down so we can enhance your ministry. 

Mustardseed owner, Bob Christenson, has worked in the trenches on staff at a church and he has volunteered and helped run many parachurch ministries as well.  It's this essential experience that showed him what God wanted him to do:  Provide high quality media for a price most churches could afford.  We understand that you need to make the best use of every dollar God entrusts to you...thats why we do our best to help you get the most bang for your buck every time.

We Build Sites You Can Manage

What good is saving money during the site building process if you have to continue to pay us to manage it for you?  Our goal is to build a site that we can turn over to you, your church secretary, or your web volunteers to easily manage on a daily basis.  No software is necessary (everything is done right in your web browser) and no special skills or programming knowledge is needed.  Adding and managing content on your site is as easy as filling out an online form.

However, don't let this ease of use fool you.  These sites have some serious power under the hood and we don't have to sacrifice that as we give you a simple user interface for daily tasks.  Powerful sites that are easy to use...does it get any better?

We Build For The Future

When we sit down to build your custom website we don't want it to be useless in 5 years.  Sure, it might be good for a company's bottom line to operate that way, but it's not good for ministry.  So, we spend a whole lot of time making sure what we build is a core that you can expand, enhance and grow over the coming decades.  We stay up on the latest in web technologies so you don't have to.

As you progress through the years with a Mustardseed Media website, you'll be able to easily manage it yourself, have it customized to fit your immediate and future needs, and be confident that your church has made a soild investment in powerful software that will communicate The Gospel of Jesus effectively for years to come.

Ready To Find Out More?

Read about how we work or jump over to our Get Started page where you can contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you!