From Our Clients

We don't mean to brag...we just thought you might be more comfortable with Mustardseed Media if you heard, in their own words, what our clients are saying. Here's just a few of their thoughts about working with Mustardseed:

  • Tim Postuma

    Christian Reformed Church in North America Web and E-Communications Manager


    It was great to work with Bob and his team. They were flexible, smart, quick, and passionate about helping our ministry. They also gave wise advice on some hosting and infrastructure decisions, and tackled some pretty complex Drupal functionality. I couldn't have asked for anything more on our project, and I look forward to continuing our work with Mustardseed Media.

  • Jim Wallis

    Sojourners Founder

    When completely rebuilding, Mustardseed Media provided the design expertise and Drupal know-how.  They were knowledgeable, efficient, cost-effective, timely, and patient as we kept changing design requirements.  We could not have done this site development without them.  We liked them so much, they are still working for us as we continue to evolve...

  • Allen Hutchison

    Glenwood Community Church Technology Leader

    Mustardseed Media has developed for our congregation a website that is not only pleasing to the eye but useful for supporting our various ministries  and enhancing communication (and thus relationships) within the congregation.  Mustardseed was quick to respond to questions and requested changes.  I felt as though they were on our church staff, looking out for our best interests. 

    Mustardseed recommended solutions that did not require extra add-ons, but found answers within the modules we had purchased. The pricing is superb, and their communication first-rate.  I am thankful for the service Mustardseed Media has provided to our church family, and we are absolutely thrilled we hired them.

  • Abdu Murray

    Aletheia International Founder, Speaker

    I highly recommend Mustardseed Media, they are is as helpful as they are creative.  Our website is a critical part of our ministry and we are so excited about its extensive, yet affordable functionality.  Mustardseed is responsive to our questions and always works hard on providing us with solutions that fit our needs and our budget.

  • Rob Donaldson

    St. Johns Lutheran Church Pastor

    Mustardseed is just the right seasoning for our presence on the internet.  They anticipated our questions and worked creatively and professionally to provide an awesomely attractive and user friendly webpage.  I wholeheartedly recommend them for your project. 

    You will love working with Mustardseed.

  • Fr. Jonathan Mitchican

    Church of the Holy Comforter Pastor

    Mustardseed Media helped to bring our parish into the 21st century. They designed a site for us that is user-friendly and attractive, and we've already seen the benefits as more and more new people tells us that they found us through the site. Since Mustardseed works with churches and Christian ministries, we could rely on them to really get what we were hoping to do.

  • Steven Axe

    Bloomfield Hills Baptist Church Pastor

    It has been a pleasure to work with Mustarseed. Not only did Bob create a technically functional website for us, but he also made it look asthetically beautiful. He is truly an artist. And this, combined with Mustardseed's passion for and understanding of the church, made Mustardseed the perfect fit for our web-development needs. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with Mustardseed.

  • Stephanie Flaa

    Coastside Church Administrator

    We are a small church, with a small staff, and small budget, but we wanted a big website! That's where Mustardseed Media comes in. We had actually looked at some other website design companies, that offered 'skins' that were not custom enough to fit what we wanted. Mustardseed Media worked with our small staff to pinpoint exactly what we wanted and talked through the running of it. I highly recommend Mustardseed Media to any church. The work was excellent, on time, and far above what we imagined.

  • Brandon Riley

    Sugarcreek Baptist Church Creative Media Producer

    I hate to think of where our website might be today had we not gone with Mustardseed to develop and create our site. After several months working with a design team and dreaming up the impossible, we took our ideas and Photoshop files to Mustardseed and they made it happen.

    Bob and his team know how to create custom sites that are so intuitive you will never dread updating a website again. Their combined experience in ministry and development helped them to help us create what I believe is one of the top youth ministry sites out there.

  • EJ Swanson

    Lake Ann Camp Technology Leader

    Mustardseed Media was a great choice for us! We needed a web site built for national exposure and Mustardseed went to work, they were diligent with my needs and met all of our required goals and design features!

    From start to finish it was a blessing to work with someone with knowledge in there their mind and God in there heart ! Mustardseed was respectful of our budget and went above and beyond to meet our needs. I cant wait to work with them again!! Thanks Bob!

  • Carl Thomas Gladstone

    Emerge Detroit Community Leader

    Mustardseed Media understands the emerging visual and web 2.0 languages through which the world communicates, and they also exhibit a keen grasp of how those new languages are best used when communicating about Jesus. Their work for our ministry's web site gave us the tools necessary for our natural growth as a local, organic, collaborative expression of the global Body of Christ! The days of static web-based ministry "pamphlets" are over, and Mustardseed knows that vibrant ministries will need web sites that are alive with all the ongoing thoughts, images, and links that animate each participant's Christian journey. Thanks Mustardseed!

  • Alfonso Barreiro

    Mars Hill Church ABQ Leadership

    Mustardseed Media took on a incredible challenge for us: We requested a very short deadline, had an extremely tight budget, needed multiple feature requests, and asked that they template a design we would provide. They did everything with an excellence and care that made a potentially pressure-filled situation amazingly simple. Now we not only have a rock solid foundation for our web site, but I have been expanding it daily on my own because of the structure that Mustardseed created for us.

    Thank you Mustardseed Media, and praise be to God!

  • Jason Coker Community Leader, San Diego, CA Mustardseed Media was a pleasure to work with. I've noticed a few things about Bob after working with him on First, he went out of his way to clarify as may of the details and expectations as possible before we entered our contract. He obviously understands that collaborative and creative projects are hard enough without clear communication.

    Second, he was terribly patient with all the issues that arose from my lack of understanding regarding technical issues. I know from first hand it can be tough to work with highly technical people. Often these types of folks have little or no patience for the rest of us who aren't experts. Bob is different. No matter how stupid (or redundant!) my questions were, he never made me feel like I was a bother. Finally, he always sought creative and cost effective solutions for some of the unique need of our project. If Bob could find a cheaper and better way to do it, he did.

    I couldn't be more happy with the product of his work, and look forward to hopefully working with him again.

  • Rev. David Thiele

    English Disctrict Leadership Team

    We can not thank Mustardseed Media enough for the creation of the English District Web site. All of our staff can easily update material on the site. Because of this feature, material on the site is kept current. People have positive comments all the time. I would highly recommend the services of Mustardseed Media.

  • Matt Yacoub

    Highland Park Baptist Church Communications

    Mustardseed Media has gone above and beyond our expectations in developing, creating, and maintaining our new websites. They are willing to do whatever it takes to make us happy and we are completely satisfied with the two websites they’ve designed for us.

  • Mark Fogarty

    Muddy River Media Owner

    Mustardseed Media stepped in when our ministry was recovering from a bad experience with a previous web developer. Bob's professionalism, creativity and genuine concern for our project was exactly what we needed. Communication was regular, often, and clear, and our site ended up better because of his expertise and input. We are very pleased with the end result and highly recommend Mustardseed Media for your church or ministry website project.

  • Jason Raitz

    Willow Creek Church Teaching Pastor

    I would highly recommend Mustardseed Media because of their attention to detail, servant's heart, and desire for excellence.

  • Dion Garrett

    St. John Lutheran Church Pastor

    Mustardseed is incredible! They're able to produce media that is not only astounding technically and creatively, but also truly enhances worship and promotion. The biggest bonus is the deep personal faith and commitment to Christ that is brought to each project. When paired with a nuclear-scaled creativity and an uncanny understanding of mood and nuance, you've got a company that’ll become your vital partner in ministry.

  • Desmond Fuller

    Hope Bible Church

    Mustardseed Media was a pleasure to work with. They looked at the work I had already done, listen to my "vision" of what I wanted the site be and reviewed what I was missing. Excellent input was given and the work was done in a very timely manner. All during the process, the communications lines were open and the work was done not just professionally but also efficiently.

    I would gladly work with Mustardseed Media again and would not hesitate to recommend them to any Christian organization!

  • Jessica Kellogg

    Northridge Church Youth Leader

    Mustardseed rocks my socks! They are so great to work with and always strive to satisfy the customer!

  • Tom Robinson

    Summer Celebration Youth Camp Camp Leader

    At my very first meeting with Bob I was very impressed. He was very attentive to what we were saying and was very careful to make sure he understood our heart behind the words we shared. He totally captured it in the design that he came up with. He also worked in very good turn around time. The site was absolutely fantastic!! Being in youth ministry for 33 years, you look for companies that you can totally trust and know that their work is great. Bob and the Mustardseed company is one of those companies. I heartily recommend him.

  • Kurt Brandehiml

    Sunset Presbyterian, Portland, OR Youth Pastor

    We all have wasted many hours in front of our computers trying to put together that one amazing flyer that will draw thousands of students to an event... only to find out our eye for design and spell-check wasn't as good as we thought it was. The bottom-line is; my best work doesn't compare with what Mustardseed Media has done for us...and my time can be much better spent elsewhere.

    If you're looking for cost-effective, high quality work...then don't look any further...put Mustardseed at the top of your list.

  • Andy Baligan

    Highland Park Baptist Church Leader of Shiloh Ministries

    We have had such a fantastic experience working with Mustardseed Media. We especially appreciated and valued the personal attention and over-all excellence that we've received on each of our projects.